Another Way to Say Written Agreement

As a copy editor who specializes in SEO, it is important to understand the various ways to phrase terms and keywords in order to optimize content for search engines. One common term that many writers and editors come across is “written agreement.” While this term is perfectly acceptable, there are other ways to phrase it that may help improve your content`s visibility online.

Here are some alternative ways to say “written agreement”:

1. Contract – A contract is a legally binding agreement that outlines specific terms and conditions. This term is commonly used in legal and business contexts.

2. Agreement in writing – This phrase is a more formal way to express a written agreement. It emphasizes the importance of having the agreement in writing rather than just a verbal agreement.

3. Documented agreement – This phrase emphasizes the importance of having the agreement documented in writing. It can be used in both legal and non-legal contexts.

4. Written contract – This phrase combines both the terms “written agreement” and “contract.” It is a succinct and clear way to express the idea of a legally binding, written agreement.

5. Memorandum of understanding – This term is often used in business and government settings to describe an agreement that outlines the general principles of a partnership or alliance.

By using alternative phrases like these when writing about a “written agreement,” you can improve the searchability and readability of your content. Plus, you`ll be demonstrating your fluency and versatility as a writer and editor.

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